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Applying for youth care for your child

Do you want to to apply for youth care (jeugdhulp) for your child? For example, because your child needs extra care or support? You can apply for this at  your municipality. You can also contact a youth team (jeugdteam) directly. A youth team supports young people and their families when they need help with growing up and parenting.

You can use a personal budget (persoonsgebonden budget – PGB) to pay for youth care. A PGB is an amount of money that can be used to purchase care or support for personal reasons.

Contact your municipality for youth care for your child. Your municipality provides advice on youth care and will determine the best kind of support for your child. It will do so together with you and your child. The municipality also ensures that your child has access to youth care.

Every municipality implements its youth support differently. Some municipalities have a neighbourhood team (wijkteam) in each neighbourhood, while others have a youth and family centre (Centrum jeugd en gezin).

You can also directly contact your neighbourhood team. A school, GP or sports club can also refer you. The municipality also has a list of youth teams and neighbourhood teams.

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Here is some information from your municipality.

Municipality of Hoorn: Applying for youth care for your child

Does your child have psychological problems, a disability or a behavioral problem? Or do you want help solving problems in your family? For all your questions about youth assistance and youth care, please contact 1.Hoorn. Together with you, the staff will look at the situation and the (specialist) help your child needs. More information about the working method can be found on the page How 1.Hoorn works.

Care for youth up to the age of 18

Youth care is care for children and young people up to the age of 18. There are various forms of youth care for which the municipality is responsible. For example:

  • help at home with family problems
  • foster care
  • help with serious (behavioral) problems
  • help with mental illness
  • care for young people with disabilities
  • care for seriously ill children
  • guidance for young people after an official report from the police or school attendance officer

Personal budget for youth care

If your child needs specialist help, you can make free use of the care purchased by the municipality. Is this care not suitable? Then apply for a Personal Budget (Pgb).

AKJ: in case of problems with youth care

Young people, children and parents who come into contact with youth care may have many questions. Or complaints. The confidential advisers of the AKJ can answer those questions. A confidential adviser from the AKJ helps to discuss problems or complaints and to prepare or submit a complaint. The AKJ is independent of the municipality and youth care providers. Help from the AKJ is always free.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Hoorn

Last updated on 26 September 2022