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Municipality of Ommen: applying to get married

You register your marriage with the municipality, providing all the details about yourself, your partner and your witnesses. This can be done up to 2 weeks before the wedding date. You can do it online or at the town hall.

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If neither you nor your partner live in the Netherlands, you must give notice of your marriage in the municipality of Den Haag (The Hague). You can find more information on how to register a marriage for Dutch citizens living outside the Netherlands at the website.

When you register your marriage, you make a number of choices, which you communicate to the municipality. These choices relate to the ceremony and the venue. The costs depend on your wishes and the possibilities of the municipality.


The ceremony is the official part of your marriage. You can choose from:

  • marriage free of charge;
  • simple ceremony;
  • elaborate ceremony.

If you opt for an elaborate ceremony, you determine who leads the ceremony. You have the following choices:

  • A wedding registrar from the municipality. The wedding registrar will contact you a few weeks before the wedding date to introduce themselves and find out more about you and your future spouse. If you have a preference for a wedding registrar, inform the municipality of this.
  • A family member or acquaintance. If you would like a family member or an acquaintance to be your own wedding registrar, contact the municipality.

Wedding venue

You can get married in various places. You can choose from:

The costs for a wedding depend on the day, time and location you want to get married. Below is a complete overview of all costs that are charged for a marriage or registered partnership.

Marriage or registered partnership booklet: €45 (if desired)

Wedding or partnership ceremony at the town hall:
Monday to Friday: €414
Saturday and Sunday: €826
Public holidays: €826

Ceremony of marriage or partnership at Landgoed Het Laer, or a free location:
Monday to Friday: € 926
Saturday and Sunday: € 1,091
Holidays: € 1,091

Due to the free location, additional costs may be requested for the rental of the location.

Other (possible) costs
Conversion of a registered partnership into a marriage without using a wedding location: € 132
Appointment extraordinary registrar for one day: € 107
Appointment extraordinary registrar for one day who must also be sworn in: € 271
Use of messenger service to support marriage ceremony: € 214
Declaration of legal capacity to marry: € 25.10

Questions about this topic?

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Last updated on 2 December 2022