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Applying to get married in the Netherlands

Are you planning to get married? If you intend to get married, you must notify the municipality of this at least 2 weeks and not more than 1 year before the wedding.

There are certain requirements for marriage that everyone must meet:

  • you must be at least 18 years of age;
  • you cannot marry someone who is already married or in a civil partnership;
  • you cannot be related to one other, e.g. grandparent, grandchild, parent, child or sibling.

Are you getting married to a non-Dutch citizen in the Netherlands? Then different conditions apply.

If you intend to marry someone of the same sex, you can get married in the Netherlands in the presence of the civil registrar. This is called a civil marriage, and you are only legally married once you have had a civil ceremony. In addition, it is possible to have a religious ceremony in some churches, but not all churches allow it. Check first with the church where you want to have the ceremony. A church wedding can only take place after the civil ceremony.

If you are getting married outside the Netherlands and are not yet 18 years old, your marriage will only be recognised in the Netherlands once both spouses have reached 18 years of age.

This is how it works for you

Your (future) place of residence falls under:

Here is some information from your municipality.

Applying to get married in the Netherlands

Congratulations! You are getting married or entering into a registered partnership. Below you can read what you need to arrange, what the options are and what it costs if you want to get married in the municipality of Dongen.

What do you need to arrange?

We need information to properly prepare for the most beautiful day of your life. You can arrange a notification of an intended marriage or registered partnership online in three steps. Read all information carefully. This page refers to a marriage, which also means a registered partnership.

You arrange the online application in three steps.

Conditions The following

applies for an online notification of intended marriage:

  • You both have DigiD 
  • You want to get married in the municipality of Dongen (#YesIDongen)

Do one of you not have Dutch nationality, or do one of you not live in the Netherlands? Then contact us by phone.

Do you both not live in the Netherlands? And does one of you have Dutch nationality? Then you need to arrange your declaration of intended marriage in the municipality of The Hague.

Do you both not live in the Netherlands and do you both not have the Dutch nationality? Then you cannot get married in the Netherlands.

Step 1 Get in touch

Are you getting married at one of the permanent locations? (view the locations under the heading 'Where can you get married?' on this page) Make an appointment with them first. Do you want to get married at the town hall or at your own wedding location? Then email us to make an appointment. We would like to receive your name, date of birth and telephone number at , then we will contact you.

Step 2 Preliminary confirmation by e-mail

You will receive a provisional confirmation from us by e-mail. This contains the location, date and time of your wedding and an overview of all documents we need. This email contains an attachment, this is the notification of your intended marriage. We would also like to receive this completed and signed return. You can return all mentioned documents with the link you receive for this. This ensures that you can send everything via the secure environment of DigiD.

Step 3 Final confirmation via e-mail

We check all documents that we have received from you. Is everything complete? Then you will receive confirmation by email. You will also receive the invoice for the fees for your wedding (and any additions). This may take several days.

We are currently receiving many requests for wedding planning and partnership registrations. It may therefore take longer before you receive an answer. As a rule, you will receive information about the notification of intended marriage 6 months before your planned date. For questions, we can be reached via .

Getting married in the Town Hall:

Marriage/partnership Mon. and Tues. (8.45 a.m.): free

Wedding Mon. to Thu: € 439,00

Wedding Friday: € 622,35

Wedding Saturday: € 751,25

Wedding at a one-off location:

Wedding Mon. to Thu: € 536,50

Wedding Friday: € 736,50

Wedding Saturday: € 792,85

Wedding Sunday or equivalent days: € 842,85                                    

Wedding at a fixed location:

Wedding Mon. to Thu: € 381,40

Wedding Friday: € 541,40                                    

Wedding Saturday: € 572,75

Wedding Sunday: € 647,75

For more information about getting married, you can contact us via

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Dongen

Last updated on 21 September 2022