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Municipality of Woerden: applying for an Attestatie de vita (Certificate of life)

If you have to prove to a Dutch authority that you are alive, you will need proof of 'being alive'. If it concerns a foreign body, you need a attestatie de vita. You request your proof online with DigiD. Or you can make an appointment with the municipality.

You are registered in the municipality of Woerden.

-Your DigiD (online) or proof of identity (for the appointment).
-A letter from a foreign agency (if you have one).


You can request your proof online. You need DigiD for this.

At the counter

You can also collect your proof at the counter of town hall. You must make an appointment for this.

Please note: if you need the proof for your pension fund, you can only get the proof via an appointment and not online.

-Free (if you need the proof for your pension fund)
-€13 (if you do not need the proof for your pension fund)

-If you request your proof online, you will receive your proof by post within 3 working days.
-When you make an appointment, you will immediately receive your proof.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Woerden

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Last updated on 14 November 2022