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Municipality of Laarbeek: applying for an Attestatie de vita (Certificate of life)

Do you need proof of being alive for use in the Netherlands? You can arrange this digitally or in person at the town hall. You will receive an extract from the BRP. You can request this  hier

Do you need proof of being alive for use abroad? You can arrange this extract in person at the town hall. You will receive a statement from the civil registrar. This statement is in several languages ​​and is called Attestation de vita. In person at the town hall. Click here to make an appointmentKlik hier om een afspraak te maken.

Can someone else arrange proof of life for me? You can only authorize someone if you need the Dutch version. If you need the foreign version, you must arrange this yourself. If you authorize someone, this person must: being of age.  Bring a written authorization from you. Machtigingsformulier Bring a valid (copy of) proof of identity for yourself and for you.  What you need to request an extract in person at the town hall, you will need:  your valid ID A message from the agency stating that you need proof of life.

Proof of being alive (use in the Netherlands) costs € 14.30.
An Attestation (use abroad) costs € 14.30.

Do you need proof of life for a pension fund? The municipality will then provide this free of charge. You must bring the message from the pension fund with you.

 (rates 2023)

You will receive the certificate immediately.

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