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Municipality of Dongen: applying for an Attestatie de vita (Certificate of life)

You can apply for an Attestatie de vita  (certificate of life) from the municipality where you live and are registered. You can only make the application yourself. Someone else cannot do it for you. You must make an appointment with the municipality to apply for a certificate of life.

Making an appointment with the municipality


Gemeente Dongen: Afspraak maken

By telephone:

Call to 14-0162 during hours of operation. From abroad, call +31162-383200.

By email:

Mail to

A Certificate of life costs: € 13,00

An Attestation de vita is a multilingual 'Certificate of life' and costs: €15.70

You don't pay these costs if you can show a letter from your pension fund, which shows that you need the extract for this.

You will receive the certificate as soon as possible.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Dongen

Last updated on 9 May 2023