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Municipality of Tilburg: apply for an exemption to access to a low emission zone

Lorries and vans

The municipality has a low-emission zone for lorries and vans. Lorries, trucks and vans may enter the low-emission zone only if they are of emission class 6 or higher. This also applies to vehicles with foreign number plates.


Go to to find out where the low-emission zone applies. 


In some cases you can apply for an exemption so that you can access the low-emission zone.

The municipality has different types of exemption:

  • day exemption
  • exemption due to financial situation
  • exemption due to delivery time of another car

Do you want to know what conditions you have to fulfil to apply for the exemption? Contact the municipality via 14 013.

You can apply for the exemption online via aanvraag ontheffing milieuzone.

You pay a fee for this service. For more information, contact the municipality via 14 013

You will find out whether you will be granted the exemption within 2 weeks.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Tilburg

Last updated on 2 May 2024