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Municipality of Elburg: voting in municipal elections

Proxy voting

Do you want to ask someone to vote for you? If so, you can authorise someone. You can do this using:

  • your polling card;
  • a proxy form.

Authorising someone using your polling card

To authorise someone to vote on your behalf using your polling card:

1.    Fill in the back of your polling card. Do this together with the person you want to authorise to vote on your behalf, so that you can be sure that you are authorising the right person.

2.    Give your proxy voter your polling card and a copy of your identity document. The identity document may not be more than 5 years old.

3.    The proxy voter must show the copy of your identification at the polling station. The proxy voter must also show their own identification .

The proxy voter can only cast your vote at the same time as their own vote. A proxy voter can vote for a maximum of 2 other persons.

Authorise someone using a proxy form

You can also use a proxy form to authorise another voter to vote for you. This is referred to as a written proxy.

You can request a power of attorney in 2 ways:

1. You can submit a digital proxy application by using the 'Application for proxy/replacement voting pass' form.

  • When applying online, both the proxy giver and the authorized representative must log in with DigiD.
  • If you apply for a power of attorney digitally, your old voting pass will be immediately declared invalid and you will no longer be able to vote.

2. Written request for power of attorney

  • Use the municipality's written power of attorney application form for this.
  • Fill in your part and then have the person you want to authorize fill in the other part.
  • Send the form to: Gemeente Elburg, Antwoordnummer 272, 8070 VK Elburg.
  • If the application meets all the conditions, the authorized representative will receive a power of attorney.

A proxy giver can no longer revoke the proxy or take part in the vote himself.

The municipality provides polling cards, candidate lists and voting locations. You will receive your polling card by post. The municipality delivers candidate lists door to door.

Voting is free of charge.

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