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Municipality of Reimerswaal: viewing data in the Basisregistratie Personen (BRP)

This information has been published by: Municipality of Reimerswaal

View data

If you live in the Netherlands and are registered with a municipality, you can view your data online or by appointment at the service desk. If you book an appointment, take proof of identity with you.

Your data in the BRP is incorrect

Please provide us with the correct data.

  • By mail, send your request to , specify what you want to change and enclose the proof.
  • At the service desk: this requires an appointment: make an appointment
  • In writing: send your request to Postbus 70, 4416 ZH KRUININGEN. In your letter, specify what you want to change and enclose the proof (this may be a copy).

New identity document required if data is amended

You will need a new identity document if you amend any of the following data:

  • first name.
  • surname.
  • date of birth.
  • sex.

Your old passport, identity card, driving licence or residence permit will no longer be valid once the municipality has amended your data. Make sure you apply for a new identity document as soon as possible. You will be charged for a new identity document.

Free of charge.

You will find out within 4 weeks whether we can amend your data.

Questions about this topic?

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Last updated on 13 July 2022