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Province of Groningen: requesting permission to take off or land outside an airport

It is prohibited to take off or land an aircraft outside an airport. Aircraft include, for example, helicopters, paragliders and gliders. You need a ‘temporary and exceptional use’ (TUG) exemption if you wish to be exempt from this prohibition. You must submit an application to the province. Do you fly a drone? If the drone is heavier than 250 grams, you will need a flying licence. For this, you must first take a knowledge test online at an approved flight school. Do you own a drone? You need an operating number.

The aircraft for which you may obtain an exemption are:

  • helicopters
  • hot-air balloons
  • gliders (except screen gliders) microlight aircraft (MLA)
  • unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) from 25 to 150 kg
  • seaplanes, agricultural aircraft, airships, aircraft for an air show.

You apply for the exemption with the province.

You will be granted a TUG exemption if the following conditions are met:

  • The exemption is for one of the above-mentioned aircraft.

The site meets the following requirements:       

  • There is no temporary or permanent ban on civil aviation in the area.       
  • The area is not a public exercise area for emergency landings.       
  • The site is not located in a low flying area, or within a distance of 3 nautical miles from a low flying route (military aviation). This requirement does not apply at weekends or on national public holidays.       
  • The area is outside the natural and quiet areas designated in the policy rules.

You do not need an exemption for:

  • model aircraft and drones with a maximum weight of 25 kg,
  • sailplanes,
  • screen gliders,
  • aircraft making or having made an emergency or precautionary landing.

In the case of regular use of a single site, it is possible to request a declaration of no objection from the municipality.

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Last updated on 8 February 2024