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Requesting permission to take off or land outside an airport

Do you want to take off or land your aircraft, such as a helicopter or a glider, outside an airport? Then you need a dispensation for temporary and exceptional use (tijdelijk en uitzonderlijk gebruik – TUG). You can apply for a TUG dispensation from the province.

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Take off or land with an aircraft outside an airport

Do you want to land an aircraft on, or take off from an area that is not an airport? You need a TUG-exemption from the province for this (TUG stands for Temporary and Exceptional Use). This is regulated in the Aviation Act (Wlv).

You will receive an exemption if you meet the following conditions:

Aircraft for which you can get an exemption are: helicopters, motorised screen aircraft, gliders, micro light aeroplanes (mla), RPAs with a total mass of more than 25 kilograms but maximally 150 kilograms, aircraft participating in an aviation display, seaplanes, agricultural aircraft, airships and RPA: (remotely piloted aircraft).

The take-off or landing location is situated outside protected nature conservation areas in Gelderland. 

The province does not grant any exemptions in Natura 2000 areas, the Gelderland Nature Network and the Green Development Zone, nor in a buffer zone of 300 meter around those areas. 

The location of these areas is indicated on this map. On this map, you zoom in on the site for which you apply for an exemption. If you already have a general TUG-exemption (Temporary and Exceptional Use), you check the locations before you take off. 

The take-off and/or landing site is not within 1,000 metres of another licensed location for take-off and/or landing. You can check this with the map viewer.

Public order and safety will not be harmed in the opinion of the mayor of the Municipality where the take-off/landing site is located.

Site plan location site(s) with specific landing and take-of location(s) clearly marked. Use the map viewer for this and attach the *txt file.

No further information.

You can apply for TUG-exemption by using the web form on our website, or contacting us. Do you live outside of the Netherlands? Then to log in, you need eIDAS, the eHerkenning for companies. You can use the eIDAS web form if you have a postal address within the EU. 

If you have a postal address outside the EU, please contact our provincial office.

After completing the web form, sign it (or your authorised representative) by agreeing to the declaration. You do not need to scan a signature. To add attachments, the form allows you to use the Wetransfer upload service.  

You or someone authorised by you will then sign the application. Are you applying as a private person using DigiD for someone else? Then you must enclose a signed authorisation with the application. 

In all other cases, you can only be authorised by submitting an application via eHerkenning-ketenmachtiging (eHerkenning chain authorisation). 

You must also request written proof of approval from the municipality. You can arrange this yourself with the municipality or have it done by the province. In the 1st case, the fees are lower.

When you apply for a permit, the provincial charges are to be paid to the province. For more information go to the Costs page or contact us.

We need up to 4 weeks to assess your application, calculated from the day that you sent in your application. If you do not include all requested information with your application, processing it will take longer. We process applications in the order in which they are received. Therefor it is advised to apply for your exemption on time. The risk of starting without the required exemption is at your expense.

If you disagree with a decision of the province and have an interest in that decision. You can file an objection. For more information you can visit our website.

If you have any questions please contact us by telephone +31 26359 9999.

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