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Province of Utrecht: requesting a decision on an advance on benefits

If you have been waiting at least 4 weeks for a decision on your social assistance benefit or supplementary income support for state pensioners (AIO supplement), you may be able to get an advance. For the social assistance benefit, the municipality can pay you some of the benefit in advance. The Dutch Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank: SVB) can grant an advance on the AIO payment. If you are not granted this advance or the amount granted is too little to live on, ask the province for a decision on your advance payment. This is called a provision for immediate social assistance (voorziening onverwijlde bijstand). If the province decides that you are right, the municipal authorities or SVB must immediately grant you the advance or increase the amount of the advance.

You can apply for a decision on an advance payment under these conditions:

  • You have applied for one of these benefits:
    • social assistance with the municipality
    • aanvullende bijstand voor ouderen – AIO (supplementary assistance for the elderly) with the Social Insurance Bank (SVB)
  • The municipality or the SVB has not yet decided on your application.
  • You applied for the benefit at least 4 weeks ago.
  • The municipality or the SVB will not grant you an advance or it is too small.
  • You urgently need the advance to live. You can no longer wait.
  • The municipality or SVB has received all of the information requested of you.

You request a decision on an advance payment from your province. You can also authorise someone else. In this case, you ask someone else to request the decision for you.

You request a decision on an advance payment from your province.

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