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Requesting a decision on an advance on benefits

Are you waiting for a decision on your application for social assistance benefit (bijstandsuitkering) or supplementary income provision for the elderly (aanvullende inkomensvoorziening ouderenAIO)? Have you not yet received an advance, or is the amount of the advance too low? Then you can apply to your province for a provision of immediate assistance (voorziening onverwijlde bijstand). The province will then decide whether you get an advance or that the amount received will be increased.

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Decision on a request for advance payment on benefits (Immediate social assistance benefit)

Have you applied for welfare benefits from your municipality or supplementary assistance for the elderly (AIO) from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB)? During the period your application is open, the municipality or SVB is obliged to give you an advance payment within 4 weeks.

If you meet the following requirements you may be eligible of immediate assistance

  • you have not received or received an incomplete advance and cannot afford the necessary means to live;
  • you have applied for assistance with your municipality or supplementary assistance from the SVB;
  • the municipality/SVB has not yet taken a decision on your application;
  • there is a good chance that you will get the benefit;
  • you cooperate sufficiently to provide the information requested by the Municipality/SVB.

No further information.

You submit a request to the King’s Commissioner of the Province of Gelderland. This should preferably be done in writing and sent to:

or to:

Province of Gelderland
Postbus 9090
6800 GX Arnhem
The Netherlands

If necessary, you can submit it by phone: +31 26 359 99 99

No further information.

We aim to process your request within 5 working days. In that period, we will contact the municipality or SVB in every case.

You cannot object to the King’s Commissioner’s decision.

If you have any questions please contact us by telephone +31 26359 9999.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Province of Gelderland

Last updated on 17 January 2023