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Province of Noord-Brabant: reporting soil pollution or soil degradation

If you notice pollution or impairment of the soil, you must report this immediately. Is the pollution or impairment caused by a company with an environmental permit issued by the provincial authorities? In that case, you can report it to the provincial authorities. You must also report this to the provincial authorities if it concerns contamination in a water extraction area, a groundwater protection area or in a Natura 2000 nature conservation area. In all other cases, you can report it to the municipality.

You must report the pollution or impairment of the soil to the provincial authorities as soon as possible after you become aware of it. If the pollution is caused by you, you must provide the provincial authorities with the following information as well:

  • the cause of the pollution and an explanation of how this could have happened
  • which substances have ended up in the soil or in what other way the soil has been impaired
  • other data necessary to estimate the adverse effects to the environment
  • what measures you plan to take to clean up the soil or to reduce the damage to a minimum

The measures you can and must take when cleaning up the soil depend on the type of pollution and the scope thereof.

You report the pollution or impairment to the provincial authorities or the municipality.

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