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Reporting soil pollution or soil degradation

Have you noticed that soil in your area is polluted or damaged? For example, are there harmful substances in the soil of your garden or in your neighbourhood? If so, you must report this to your province as soon as possible. You must also report it if you carry out work that may pollute or damage the soil. 

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Reporting soil/ sediment contamination or soil degradation

If you carry out activities that contaminate or affect the quality of soil or have such activities carried out, or if you see that contamination or damage to the soil has occurred, it is important that you report this as soon as possible. You can report this to the provincial authorities.

Report soil contamination or degradation as soon as possible after you become aware of it. When reporting, indicate the measures you intend to take to clean up the soil or to limit degradation. The clean-up measures you can and must take depend on the type and extent of the contamination. For small-scale contamination, you only need to draw up a Besluit uniforme saneringen – BUS (Decree on harmonised remediation) report.

Report the contamination or degradation to the province.

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