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Registering with the municipality for a short stay in the Netherlands

Are you moving to the Netherlands? Are you going to live in the Netherlands for a period of no more than 4 months within a 6-month period? Then, when registering with the municipality you register as a non-resident. You will then be listed in the Non-residents Records Database (Register voor Niet-Ingezetenen – RNI). You can register at a municipality that has a desk for non-residents. This is called an RNI-loket. There are 19 municipalities in the Netherlands with an RNI-loket.

Do you want to register as a non-resident in the Netherlands? You can do this at one of the 19 municipalities that has an RNI-loket. You can make an appointment with them to register. You can choose which municipality you wish to visit.

Are you staying in the Netherlands for longer than 4 months within a 6-month period? In that case, you must register as a resident with the municipality.

Partner and children moving with you to the Netherlands

Are you bringing your partner and/or children with you to the Netherlands? Do you want to register them in the RNI as well? They must come with you to the appointment.

Obtaining your BSN after registering in the RNI

After registering in the RNI you will be given a citizen service number (Burgerservicenummer – BSN). You will need this in any dealings you have with the Government of the Netherlands, such as when managing your tax affairs.

How does this work for you?

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Last updated on 22 September 2022