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Municipality of Rijssen-Holten: registering a stillborn baby

The loss of your child is a major, sad event. You can register your child in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). For this you need a birth certificate (inanimate).

After registering your child in the BRP, you can view the data via, under your personal details. You can also ask your municipality for an extract from the BRP, on which your child and any other children are listed.

Was your child born in the same municipality as where you live? Then you can report your still-born child and register it in the BRP at the same time with the municipality. You can also register in the Personal Records Database (BRP) later. Registration in the BRP does not happen automatically when you file a tax return.

Birth certificate (inanimate)

  • If your child was born stillless after a pregnancy of 24 weeks or more, you must report this to the municipality. You may report a pregnancy shorter than 24 weeks. You can do this at the municipality where your child was born.
  • The following persons may report a stillborn child:
    • The father
    • The mother
    • A hospital employee
    • The Funeral Attendant
    • Others who know of the death
  • You can have your child's first and last names included in the deed. The deed also contains the names of you and your partner. You can also have your child added to your marriage booklet.

Register in the BRP

  • You live in the Netherlands or you are going to live in the Netherlands.
  • When the child was born or how long the pregnancy lasted is not important for registering in the BRP.
  • You lived in the Netherlands at the time of the birth and were registered in the BRP.
  • Was your child born in the Netherlands? Then you need a birth certificate (lifeless). The municipality where your child was born issues this certificate.
  • You make a request for yourself to add your child to your personal data. If the other parent also wants this, he or she must make a request.

  • A Verklaring van overlijden (death certificate). You will receive this from the doctor.
  • Proof of your identity (passport, identity card or driving licence).
  • Your trouwboekje (Livret de Famille or Family Book) (if you have one).
  • An extract or official copy of an Erkenningsakte (acknowledgement of parenthood certificate) (if you have one).
  • An official copy of an Akte van naamskeuze (surname choice certificate (if you have one).

If your child was stillborn, contact the municipality where your child was born to register the birth. It is possible to erkennen (acknowledge parenthood) of your stillborn child upon registration. You can also have your child recorded in your trouwboekje (Livret de Famille or Family Book).

Has it been a long time since your child was born still or died shortly after birth? And did you not report this at the time? Then you can still do this. With this registration, your child's details become visible to you. You can view the data via and on an extract from the BRP. Other government agencies do not receive information about your stillborn child.

Registering data in the BRP is free.

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Last updated on 12 February 2024