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Municipality of Hellendoorn: registering a divorce in the civil registry

Where you register your divorce depends on your situation.

If you got divorced in the Netherlands

Did you get married and divorced in the Netherlands? Then your lawyer will send the divorce decree to the civil registrar in the municipality where you got married. The registrar will then register your divorce.

Your lawyer must send the documents to:

Do you live in a municipality other than the one in which you got married? Then the registrar will inform your municipality of residence.

If you got divorced outside of the Netherlands

Did you get divorced outside of the Netherlands and you live in the Netherlands? Then you must have your divorce registered in the Basisregistratie Personen – BRP (Personal Records Database). You do this at the municipality in which you are registered.

You request a divorce from the court. You need a lawyer for this. The lawyer makes a request to the court.

-Your lawyer will send the court's decision to the municipality. You can also report this yourself to the municipality. Your former partner may also do this. You do this at the municipality where you got married.    -You send the following documents to the municipality:
          -a written request for registration in the register of civil status
          -proof of the court's decision (the divorce order)
          -proof that you do not appeal against the decision of the court (the deeds of acquiescence)

There is no fee for registering your divorce with the municipality.

Once the municipality has received the documents, it will register the divorce as soon as possible. The divorce becomes official as soon as the municipality registers it in the civil registry.

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Last updated on 4 September 2023