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Paying the waste collection charge

You must pay the waste collection charge (afvalstoffenheffing) for the collection and processing of your household waste. The waste collection charge is part of the municipal taxes (gemeentelijke belastingen) and is billed by your municipality.

Municipalities calculate the amount of the waste collection charge in different ways. Some municipalities calculate the amount of the waste collection charge based of the size of your household. The larger your household, the more you pay. Other municipalities calculate the charge based on the amount of waste collected.

The waste collection charge is included in the municipal tax bill. This is usually sent out in the first 2 weeks of February.

Apply for an exemption on paying municipal taxes

Are you unable to pay your municipal taxes? Then ask your municipality for an exemption. You can be granted an exemption from paying part of the taxes, or all of the taxes. The municipality decides for which taxes you can be exempt from paying. It also determines whether you are eligible for an exemption.

This is how it works for you

Your (future) place of residence falls under:

Here is some information from your municipality.

Paying the waste collection charge


The waste levy of the municipality of Horst aan de Maas consists of 2 parts:

  • The annual base rate. This is stated on your tax invoice. Your family situation on 1 January determines the base rate for your household for the entire year:
    • single-person households: € 180,96
    • multi-person households: € 245,16
  • Costs per waste disposal bag collected. There are costs per bag collected on the street. These waste disposal bags are available for purchase at supermarkets across the municipality.
    • 10 waste disposal bags: € 17

Waste levy by letter or ‘Berichtenbox’

 You can opt to receive your waste levy fee notice physically through the post or digitally through the Berichtenbox service. Both the physical and digital notices contain details about how and when you need to pay the applicable fees. 

Pay in time

Fines are applicable for late payment of fees.

Waiver of fees

 You may be eligible for a partial waiver of your waste disposal fees. Whether you are entitled to this waiver depends on your personal situation.

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