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Paying the sewage charge

You pay a sewage charge (rioolheffing) for your wastewater and for rainwater that ends up in the sewer. The sewage charge is part of the municipal taxes and is collected by the municipality, which uses that money to pay for maintenance and replacement of the sewers. Some municipalities also call the sewage charge sewage tax (rioolbelasting).

Each municipality has its own way of calculating the sewage charge. For example, some municipalities calculate the sewage charge based on the value of the property. Others base it on drinking-water consumption. To find out how your municipality calculates the sewage charge, contact your municipality. 

The sewage charge is included in the municipal tax bill. This is usually sent out in the first 2 weeks of February.

Apply for an exemption on paying municipal taxes

Are you unable to pay your municipal taxes? Then ask your municipality for an exemption. You can be granted an exemption from paying part of the taxes, or all of the taxes.

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Paying the sewage charge

When determining the sewerage charge, the municipality distinguishes between a user and the owner of the property. The sewerage charge therefore consists of an owner's part and a user's part.

There are 2 sewerage rates. Every owner or user of a piece of land pays sewerage and water management charges each year. This ensures the construction, maintenance, and replacement of the sewer system. We also ensure the processing of wastewater, rainwater, and groundwater. Therefore, you also pay sewerage and water management charges if your piece of land is not connected to the sewer system.

You only need to pay sewerage charges if you live in the Netherlands and are registered with a municipality.

The following rates apply:

Sewerage charge property

A fixed amount without taken into account the value of the land (the plot) according to the Implementation Regulation exempted objects WOZ. This amount is €228.24.

Sewerage charge ownerCosts
Residential property0.0170% of the WOZ value
Non-residential (e.g. office or commercial property)0.0442% of the WOZ value

Sewerage charge user

Sewerage charge userCosts
Households with 1 person, per year€ 180,12
Households with 2 person, per year€ 203,40
Households with more persons, per year€ 226,80
Non-residential per year€ 233,64


By mail

The overview showing how much sewerage and water management charge you have to pay is called a municipal tax assessment notice. You usually receive this overview in the second half of February by post. The letter explains how to pay and by what date.

Can't pay on time? Opt for direct debit or a payment arrangement.


Would you like to receive your tax assessment digitally? Or would you like to easily view your WOZ value and appraisal report online? On MijnOverheid (My Government), you receive digital mail from the government.

Log in to MijnOverheid with your DigiD. Select the municipality of Westland as an organization in your Message Box. You will then receive your tax assessment digitally via the Message Box (Berichtenbox) in the future. 

Pay on time

You must always pay each assessment within two months. The due dates are stated on your tax assessment notice. These are called expiry dates. Please ensure that you have paid the amount before or on the specified due date. Keep in mind that the bank may take a few days to process your payment. If you pay after the final due date, you will incur additional charges.  


You can ask the municipality to waive (part of) the charge. This is called remission.

Do you disagree with the assessment? Then you can lodge an objection here.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Westland

Last updated on 26 September 2022