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Paying parking tax

Parking your car or other vehicle is not free everywhere and at all times in the Netherlands. In some areas and at certain times you have to pay for parking. By paying for parking you also pay parking tax (parkeerbelasting). If you do not pay for parking where and when necessary you will be charged a penalty. This penalty is called a parking ticket (parkeerbon). If you disagree with the penalty you can challenge it with the municipality.

Sometimes it is unclear whether you have paid for parking, for example if:

  • the parking attendant cannot see your parking receipt in your vehicle’s window;
  • the parking period on the receipt has expired;
  • you have not paid for your parking using a parking app;
  • you have not registered your car’s registration number in the parking app.

You will then receive a notice to pay for parking, plus the penalty.

Do you disagree with a penalty and wish to challenge it? You can contact the municipality that issued it.

This is how it works for you

Your (future) place of residence falls under:

Here is some information from your municipality.

Paying parking tax

In the centre of Helmond, you cannot park your car everywhere for free. You must therefore pay for parking in the designated spaces. This is called parking tax.

Do you not pay or pay too little? Or if you have not checked in correctly for mobile parking or at the parking meter, or you do not have a valid parking permit, you may receive a parking fine. This is an additional charge for the parking tax you have not paid. The additional charge will be sent to your home later.

An additional charge is not the same as a fine. A fine is issued for an offence. For example, for speeding, driving through a red light or parking illegally. The municipality may tow your car or have it towed if you parked illegally.

You can appeal a parking fine with the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB). The CJIB website and the decision will tell you how the appeal procedure works. This procedure does not go through the municipality.

The additional parking tax assessment (parking ticket) costs €65.80. The parking charge is €2,35 per hour (rates 2024).

After you file your objection, the levy officer will issue a ruling. The ruling will fall before the end of the tax year. If the tax year has already passed, the ruling will be within 13 weeks of the submission of the objection.

If the municipality rejects your objection, you have the option of appealing to the court within 6 weeks of the date of the ruling. The notice of appeal is subject to the same requirements as the notice of objection.

If you disagree with the additional parking tax assessment, you can submit a written objection to the municipality's Taxation team. You must do this within 6 weeks.

The objection period starts on the date of the additional assessment. Send your objection to the address below or to

Please state in your objection:

- the name and address of the registration holder of the vehicle

- the date of the assessment

- a description of the assessment you object to, including the assessment notice number

- why you object

- date and signature

Even if you file an objection, you must pay your assessment within the specified time limits. If your objection is upheld, the amount will be refunded to your account.

This is how you pay an additional tax assessment:

- You will receive an additional assessment from the municipality.

- This tells you how much you have to pay, how and when.

You can also object online (with DigiD) via this link.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Helmond

Last updated on 22 September 2022