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Notifying the municipality when you move home

Are you moving home within the Netherlands? If so, notify the new municipality where you are going to live of your move. The new municipality will register you at your new address. You do not need to deregister from your old municipality.

The move can be notified by:

  • anyone aged 16 or older;
  • cohabiting spouses / civil partners on behalf of each other;
  • the parent, guardian or caregiver on behalf of minor children;
  • parents on behalf of adult children living with them;
  • adult children on behalf of parents living with them;
  • the conservator on behalf of a person placed under a conservatorship;
  • an authorised representative.

You must notify the new municipality where you are going to live that you are moving home. You must inform it of your new address no later than 4 weeks before the moving date, or within 5 days after the moving date.

This is how it works for you

Your (future) place of residence falls under:

Here is some information from your municipality.

Reporting a move to municipality De Bilt

Report your move on time. The personal data the municipality holds about you is used by over 600 government organizations. From the tax authorities to the school attendance officer. So make sure your details are correct in time. You can avoid unpleasant surprises.

You can do this from 4 weeks before your move until 5 days after your move at the latest. If you report your move at a later date, the date on which you report the move will be the date of the change of address.

Once you have reported your move, you will automatically be deregistered from your old municipality. You will receive written confirmation of your registration.

  • Your DigiD;
  • Your (scanned) lease or deed of sale. This may also be a photo, as long as the information is legible. Only your new address and personal information need be visible. If you are going to live with someone a written declaration of residence (pdf, 89 KB) with a copy of his or her ID. You can use the KopieID app to make a secure copy;
  • If you are going to live with someone who rents a house from the SSW housing foundation, the main tenant must notify the SSW in advance. On the SSW website you will find the form formulier Akkoord inwoning (under category Mijn woning) or you can indicate this via your SSW-account (under category Ik huur: huurcontract wijzigen). The SSW will issue a written statement and you must attach this statement to your declaration of move-in. Permission from the main tenant is not required for this.

It is free to report a move.

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