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Municipality of Doetinchem: exchanging a foreign driving licence for a Dutch driving licence

Please note: you must live in the Netherlands and be registered with a municipality to exchange a foreign driving licence. You must hand in your foreign driving licence when you apply. You are not allowed to drive until you have received your new driving licence.

Applying at the service desk

You can only exchange your foreign driving licence by appointment at Raadhuisstraat 2, 7001 EW Doetinchem.

By appointment

Make an appointment via Rijbewijs, aanvragen of verlengen | Gemeente Doetinchem, or call 0031 314 377 377.

You pay a fee for this service. For more information, contact the municipality Contact en openingstijden | Gemeente Doetinchem.

You must pay that fee at the time of application.

You can collect the driver's license five working days after the day of the application. You must make an appointment for this. Collect your driver's license within 3 months. After that your driver's license will expire and you will have to apply for a new one.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Doetinchem

Last updated on 19 December 2023