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Applying for a Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag (VOG) in the Netherlands

Many jobs in the Netherlands require you to have a Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag – VOG (certificate of conduct). This also includes volunteer work. Examples are if you are going to work with confidential information or with children. A VOG shows that your behaviour is satisfactory for a new job. You may also need a VOG to apply for a visa or if you want to emigrate to another country.

There are several ways to apply for a VOG:

Do you own a company or organisation that requires a VOG? Then you can apply for a VOG voor rechtspersonen – VOG RP (certificate of conduct for legal entities).

This is how it works for you

Your (future) place of residence falls under:

Here is some information from your municipality.

Municipality of Woensdrecht: Applying for a Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag (VOG)

Please note: you can apply for a Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag – VOG (certificate of conduct) only if you live in the Netherlands and are registered with a municipality

Apply for a VOG at your municipality

  • You can download the form at Justis
  • You receive a form from your employer or some other organisation
  • You upload the form to the municipality in which you are registered.

Upload now

You may hand in the form in person. Make an appointment.

Apply for a VOG online

You can only apply online if the application has been prepared and uploaded by your employer or other organisation.

  • You receive an e-mail when you need a VOG.
  • The e-mail contains a link with which you log in with DigiD.
  • Check all the details.
  • Confirm all the details.

Apply for a VOG directly at Justis

You need to apply for a VOG directly at Justis when:

  • You are not registered in the Persons Registrar (BRP) or
  • You don't have a fixed place of residence

A Verklaring omtrent het Gedrag (VOG) (certificate of conduct) costs: € 41.35.

You will receive the VOG or the refusal within 4 weeks at the address you specify in the application.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Woensdrecht

Last updated on 26 September 2022