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Municipality of Laarbeek: applying for a Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag (VOG)

Are you going to work in education, childcare or as a taxi driver? Then you need a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). A VOG may also be required for a visa, work permit, voluntary work or the application for certain permits. You can apply for a VOG in the municipality where you live.

Anyone can request a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). You will receive a VOG if you have not committed any criminal offences. Have you done something criminal? Then Justis will check whether this is important for the task or position for which you are applying for the VOG.

Do you disagree with Justis' decision?
You can object to the decision within 6 weeks. You do this at Justis.

VOG for legal entities
You can apply for a VOG for legal entities directly in writing from the Justis Service.

Application form VOG companies

You can arrange a VOG directly through Justis:
Application form Declaration of the Behavior of Natural Persons (VOG NP)(link is external)
Ask the person who wants to have the VOG from you whether they have prepared the application for you online.

or you can arrange a VOG through your municipality:
You will receive the application form from the person who wants to have the VOG from you. The form must then be fully completed and signed. Only then can you submit the application to the municipality.

Request a declaration of conduct with your DigiD here. It is important that you can scan and upload the entire application form.

In person at the town hall
We like to help you. Make an appointment. Please bring with you to your appointment:

The completed application form
Valid passport, identity card or driver's license
Are you not (any longer) registered with the municipality?
You can request your declaration of conduct directly from Justis.(link is external)

Can someone else apply for a VOG for me?
Yes, that's possible. You can authorize someone to do this. This person must bring;

A written authorization from you, authorization form
A copy of your ID
A copy of his/her own proof of identity
Please make sure that you use the form that applies to your situation. There are different forms. Are you in doubt? Detailed information can be found on the Justis website (link is external).

After your request
The municipality will send your application digitally to the Justis Service for further processing
The Justice Department assesses your request
Within 2 to 4 weeks you will receive the VOG by post via Justis. Does it take longer? Check out the Justis website.(link is external)
What you need
The completed application form
A valid ID

You will receive the VOG or the refusal within 4 weeks at the address you specify in the application.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Laarbeek

Last updated on 1 March 2023