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Municipality of Stichtse Vecht: applying for study benefit for students with a disability

Many students have a side job to pay for their studies. If you have a disability, earning on the side is often difficult. You may be entitled to an individual study allowance: a helping hand for students with a disability. The allowance is intended to encourage young people to (continue to) study. A completed education increases the chances of getting a job.

How much individual study allowance you get depends on your age. It is not a loan. You can keep it and decide for yourself what to spend it on.

Allowance per age

AgeAllowance per month (net)
21 years and above€ 334,34
20 years€ 267,47
19 years€ 200,60
18 years€ 167,17
17 years€ 132,06
16 years€ 115,34
15 years€ 100,30

Are you doing an internship for your studies and therefore receive an internship allowance? You retain the right to a study allowance. However, the amount that you earn with your internship exceeding 181.67 euro will be deducted from the study allowance.

For example: you receive 200 euro internship allowance. That is 18.33 euro more than 181.67 euro. In that case you will still receive 181.67 - 18.33 = 163.34 euro.

The conditions for the individual study allowance are:

  • You are a resident of Stichtse Vecht
  • You are 15 years of age or older
  • You are entitled to student finance
  • You are not entitled to a lifelong learning loan or an allowance for school expenses
  • You cannot work alongside your studies because of your disability
  • You do not receive WAJONG

  • A letter from a doctor making it clear that you cannot work in addition to attending college. This can be the family doctor or a medical specialist. It is not obligatory to send this to us. If you do not send your letter to us, we may request a medical opinion.
  • A copy of your registration for a study or a decision from DUO.
  • A copy of statements of all (savings) accounts for the past 3 months. The copy must clearly show your name, address and account number.
  • A copy of a valid identity document (not your driver's license).

  • Please contact us and send all documents required for the application.
  • You will hear within 8 weeks of the application whether you will receive a study allowance. You will receive a letter about this.
  • The allowance will be paid on a monthly basis. You will receive the study allowance from the first month of the academic year in which you apply for it, unless you started your studies later. A study year runs from August 1 to August 1; you will receive the allowance each month. The study allowance continues automatically if you still meet the conditions.

Notify us when your situation changes

Please inform us if anything changes in your situation, as a result of which you may no longer be entitled to an individual study allowance. For example, if you (temporarily) stop studying, or move to another municipality. If you no longer meet the conditions, the individual study allowance will stop. Notify us when anythings changes as soon as possible, so that you do not have to pay anything back afterwards.

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