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Municipality of Montferland: applying for study benefit for students with a disability

Are you unable to earn alongside your school or studies because of a medical disability? You may be eligible for a Student Allowance. The Student Allowance is a supplementary monthly income allowance in addition to student finance (studiefinanciering, WTF) and the student grant (tegemoetkoming scholiering, WTOS) that you already receive.

  • You live in the municipality of Montferland
  • You are not in receipt of WAJONG benefits
  • You have a long-term medical disability that prevents you from earning extra money alongside your school or studies
  • You have had the disability for more than 6 months (for example, the recovery from a broken bone or a short stay in the hospital do not qualify as long-term disability)
  • You are in receipt of student finance or a student grant

We require the following information to assess your application. We will always ask you to send in a copy or download of the following information as an attachment:

  • Your valid proof of identity: passport, identity card or residence permit;
  • DUO's award decision for your student finance or student grant and a recent document proving that you are still receiving it;
  • Optional: an expert statement indicating why you are unable to work alongside your school or studies;
  • If you are in receipt of an internship allowance, then enclose a document showing the amount of your internship allowance (internship contract);
  • Bank statement of a copy of your bank card for the account into which you want the allowance paid. The account number and account name must be visible.

You must submit your application through our website.

You will receive the Student Allowance monthly. The amount is age dependent. You will find the amount for which you are eligible on the website of the Dutch government.

Your application will be processed within a maximum of 8 weeks. A medical examination is mandatory for this sort of request. Therefore the 8 week period may be extended by the wait time for the medical assessment results.

Questions about this topic?

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Last updated on 28 December 2022