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Municipality of Arnhem: applying for social assistance

This information has been published by: Municipality of Arnhem

You can apply for social assistance benefit from the municipality of Arnhem. In addition to the above conditions, you will not receive social assistance benefits if you: 

  • do not work due to a strike or work lockout
  • are on unpaid leave
  • are following a course for which you receive or may receive a student grant
  • are younger than 27 and do not want to fulfil the reintegration obligation
  • are younger than 27 and do not want to fulfil the obligation to attend school
  • does not reside in the Netherlands
  • you are a foreign national without a right of residence or equivalent
  • are detained
  • are younger than 18 years

You need a DigiD to make an appointment.

You can request an interview with an employee of the Work and Income department of the municipality of Arnhem. Together with you, we look at your personal situation: work, education and income. We will also check whether you need temporary income support (benefits). If you presumably qualify for social assistance benefits, you can submit an application after the interview. You will then receive an application form from the municipality of Arnhem and an overview with additional information that they need from you.

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Last updated on 7 August 2023