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Municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee: applying for a second passport

Do you often travel abroad? Then you can apply for a business passport or second passport. Apply for the travel document in person at the municipality where you live. You can collect the travel document after 6 working days.


If you often go abroad, you may need a business passport or second passport. Which one you need depends on your situation.

A business passport has 66 pages instead of 34. This gives you more space for visas and stamps.

A second passport may be required if:

  • you often visit countries that are in conflict with each other
  • your passport is often at the embassy for a visa application, while you want to make another trip

The conditions for a business passport are:

  • You have Dutch nationality.

The conditions for a second passport are:

  • Your first passport is still valid for at least 6 months.
  • You travel:
    • to countries that have a conflict with each other
    • to a country while you already have stamps in your passport from a conflicting country
    • often while your passport is at an embassy to apply for a visa
    • to a country where you cannot go with the Dutch identity card. Are you traveling to countries for which a Dutch identity card is sufficient? Then apply for an identity card in addition to your passport.
  • You do not apply for a second passport for a single visit. In that case you can request an emergency passport from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

The municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee works by appointment.

Make an appointment

How to apply for a business passport or second passport:

  • You come to the City hall.
  • You take all your travel documents with you, even if they have expired.
  • You bring 1 color passport photo that meets the guidelines.
  • You pay for your passport with the application. Please pay with pin.

For a second passport, also bring 1 of the following letters with you:

  • A letter explaining that you need to travel to countries that are in conflict with each other. Include supporting documents with the letter, such as booking confirmations of your air travel.
  • A letter explaining that you often travel while your passport is at an embassy for a visa application. Include supporting documents, such as booking confirmations of your air travel. Also include proof from the embassy stating that your passport is there for a visa application.

Is your passport or identity card missing or stolen? Go to the municipality to request a new travel document. You do not have to file a report with the police.

Take passport photos

You can have passport photos taken care of by a photographer, via an online passport photo service or you can take passport photos yourself at the town hall. The passport photos must always meet the passport photo requirements. You can use one of the two photo booths to take passport photos yourself in the town hall.

The photo booth is also suitable for the disabled and accessible for small, conventional wheelchairs. In addition, we recommend that you have children of six years or younger and a height under 1.20 meters photographed by a photographer.

The costs are € 7.00. You can pay this amount appropriately or contactless.

The costs for a business passport or second passport are:

  • for persons up to 18 years: € 57.30
  • for persons of 18 years and older: € 75.80

Do you want to apply for a passport urgently? Then you pay € 51.60 extra.

After 6 working days you can pick up your passport at the municipality.

Is that taking too long? Then apply for a travel document via the urgent procedure. If you request the travel document before 3 p.m., it will be ready after 2 working days at the latest. You then pay a surcharge.

Is your travel document missing? In that case, an urgent procedure is not always possible. Inquire about this at the municipality.

Do you need the travel document even faster? You may be eligible for an emergency passport from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. More information about the emergency passport can be found on is external).

Have your passport delivered at home

Your passport can be delivered to any desired address by appointment (with the exception of the Wadden Islands). You no longer need to pick up your document. The costs are € 5.05 per document. The Dynasure company will deliver your document. More information can be found on the page (home) delivery of travel documents.

Questions about this topic?

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