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Municipality of Achtkarspelen: applying for a personalised disabled parking space

Please note: you can only apply for a parking space for the disabled by registration number if you live in the Netherlands and are registered with a municipality.

You can apply by post.

Applying by post

Send a letter to gemeente Achtkarspelen, afdeling Beheer, Postbus 2, 9285 ZV  Buitenpost. Include in your letter:

  • the name of the street and a description or photographs of where you would like the parking space to be located;
  • your name and address;
  • a copy from your parking card for people with disabilities.

The municipality does providing a disabled parking space. Look for more information about this subject at de site from the municipality.

You will receive an answer from the municipality as soon as possible.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Achtkarspelen

Last updated on 29 March 2023