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Applying for a personal budget (PGB)

If you need care or nursing due to illness or disability, or you need help at home, you may be eligible for a personal budget (persoonsgebonden budget – PGB). You can use this money to pay for your care needs. For example, you can hire someone to help you with your shopping or clean your house, or you can arrange for youth care services for your child.

There are 4 types of care for which you can apply for a PGB:

  • Support at home: if you need support, transport or help at home.
  • Youth care services: if you need help for someone under the age of 18.
  • Heavy, long-term care needs: if you need 24-hour care every day.
  • Nursing and personal care: if you need personal care or nursing at home.

Eligibility to receive a PGB depends on the care you need.

You can apply to the Zorgkantoor (care office), your healthcare insurer or the municipality for a PGB. The type of care you need will determine which organisation you approach to apply for a PGB (in Dutch).

You can receive several PGB's at the same time. For example, if you or your child has an indication for support at home and nursing. Then you will receive one PGB from the municipality and one from the healthcare insurer. 

Read more about combining several PGB's (in Dutch).

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Applying for a personal budget (PGB)

A personal budget (pgb) allows you to purchase care, assistance or support. There are 2 types of pgb: pgb through the Social Support Act (Wmo) and pgb through the Youth Act.

To be eligible for a pgb (under the Youth Act or Wmo) there are a number of conditions. You can also discuss these conditions with the Buurtteam (neighborhood team).

  • You or your child is entitled to individual provision (this is shown in your family or support plan).
  • You (or your legal representative) can buy the necessary care yourself (you know how to do this).
  • You can clearly explain why you need a pgb 
  • You are responsible for directing caregivers so that they provide the right support. You can also assess whether the support is of good quality and whether the support is safe.

Here's how to apply for support:

  • Wmo: With most requests for help you can go to the neighborhood team in your neighborhood. A member of the team will talk to you. Together you will discuss what help is needed and what steps you can take yourself.
  • You can apply for support under the Youth Act through your family worker at the community team.

Your municipality will inform you within 8 weeks of their decision.

Questions about this topic?

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