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Municipality of Montferland: applying for a personal budget (PGB)

A PGB is a sum of money that you can use for your own care. If you need help at home you can choose between help in kind or a PGB. You can apply for a PGB from the Social Team. The PGB is managed by the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (Social Insurance Bank, SVB) which takes care of payment to care providers.

There are number of conditions to be eligible for a PGB:

  • You can clearly explain why you want a PGB;
  • You have drawn up an overview of how you will spend the PGB and the associated costs;
  • You can use a PGB for services from an organisation, but also for support from you social network;
  • A PGB must not be more expensive than the same care in kind (ZIN);
  • A PGB is always inclusive of transport and other ancillary matters;
  • A PGB can only be provided for non-contracted providers;
  • The amount of your PGB is determined by the Social Team.

You application will proceed as follows:

  1. If you need support for yourself, your child or within your family, you canĀ get in touch with the Social Team;
  2. We will look together at the support you need, what you can do yourself and how the people around you (family, friends or neighbours) can help and what the Social Team can do;
  3. The Social Team looks at what specialist care is appropriate and can be provided by a contracted care provider. If you decide together with the Social Team that there is no care in kind to match your requirements, you are eligible for a PGB.

You will be informed about this by a member of the Social Team.

Questions about this topic?

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Last updated on 28 December 2022