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Municipality of Helmond: applying for a personal budget (PGB)

You can receive support from the Social Domain in two ways. You can opt for care in kind (zin) or personal budget (pgb). If you choose care in kind, you will receive care from a care provider who has a contract with the Municipality of Helmond. The care provider ensures that a care provider is present and also takes care of the administration surrounding the provision of care. We have a wide choice of care providers. Do you find that care is not suitable in your situation? Then you may be eligible for a pgb. You must clearly state why you want to receive a pgb.

The municipality will assess whether a pgb is suitable for you:

  • You must be able to perform on your own (or with the help of your network or representative) the tasks associated with the rules of the pgb
  • You must justify why you want to receive the customised service via a pgb
  • The services, resources, housing adaptations and other measures associated with the customised service must be provided safely, effectively and in a client-oriented manner

You can then, for example, choose who you hire for help with housekeeping or assisted living. With a pgb you can also purchase youth assistance. One of the rules for pgb within the Municipality of Helmond is that a pgb may not cost more than the support in kind. If the support you wish to purchase is more expensive, you will pay the extra costs yourself.

To be eligible for a PGB, you must meet a number of requirements:

  • You must draw up a PGB plan, in which you must specify what help you need.
  • The care providers that you select must meet quality requirements.
  • You must conclude an agreement with the care providers yourself.
  • You must be able to manage your PGB yourself. For example, you must conclude a contract with the care providers yourself. You must also direct them and keep records. You can also ask a PGB representative to do this for you.

Drawing rights and payment

You do not receive the pgb in your bank account (with the exception of a pgb for e.g. a mobility scooter or stair lift). You instruct the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) to pay your care providers. This is called 'drawing right'. The SVB pays care providers on the basis of an invoice, a timesheet or a monthly payment. You can still choose your own care provider(s) and keep control of your pgb.

For more information, visit the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) website.

You must pay a co-payment in most cases. You will then receive an invoice from the CAK every 4 weeks for the own contribution. You can also authorise the CAK for this purpose. You do not pay your own contribution from your pgb. Your pgb is only intended to purchase care. You must pay the personal contribution yourself. On the CAK website, you can calculate your own contribution. For more information, visit the CAK website. No personal contribution applies to care you receive under the Youth Act.

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Last updated on 4 December 2023