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Municipality of Zeist: applying for a parking permit

To apply for a parking permit, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are registered in the Basisregistratie Personen (BRP) at the address for which you are applying for the permit. Do you want to know which district (parking area) you fall under? Then view the map;
  • You can apply for a maximum of 2 resident permits per address;
  • When you have private parking:
    • Do you have 1 private parking space? Then you can only apply for a permit for your second car. Also upload the registration number of the first car with your application;
    • Do you have 2 private parking spaces? Then you are not entitled to a parking permit.
  • Your vehicle registration certificate is in your name;
  • Are you leasing or do you have a company car? Then you must provide the following documents:
    • Copy of the registration part of the vehicle registration certificate;
    • Statement in which the license plate holder indicates that the vehicle has been made available to you. Or a copy of the lease contract in which this is included;
    • Is the license plate in someone else's name? Then add a Verklaring van duurzaam gebruik.
  • Is there no more space available in your parking area? Then you will automatically be placed on the waiting list when you apply for a second resident's permit;
  • Are you a resident of Maurikstraat (with the exception of house number 46), Stoopendaalstraat or Stuivingastraat? Apply for a parking permit for the Gemeentehuis parking garage (maximum 1 per address).


You can apply for your residents' parking permit online via the E-loket. To do this, log in with your DigiD. Don't have a DigiD yet? You can request a DigiD at

By phone

Are you unable to apply for the parking permit online? Then call Parking Service Zeist on telephone number +31 33 247 30 00. They will assist you with your application by telephone. You can also ask someone from your own environment or family to help you.


The rates for a resident's parking permit depend on where you live. A complete overview of the parking rates can be found on the website of Parking Service Zeist.


You pay for the resident permits with iDEAL, after completing your application in the E-loket. After payment, your permit is immediately active.

In some areas it is not possible to apply for a parking permit. For example areas with a (future) new construction project or in a development area. In some districts you may apply for an exemption.

For more information, please contact Parking Service Zeist.

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