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Applying for a parking permit

Do you live in an area where you have to pay to park your car or other vehicle? You can apply to the municipality for a residents’ parking permit (parkeervergunning voor bewoners). If you have a residents' parking permit, you do not have to pay for parking at the parking meter or via a parking app.

A parking permit is registered to a specified vehicle registration number. If you have more than 1 car or other vehicle, you must apply for a separate parking permit for each vehicle.

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Applying for a parking permit

To apply for a parking permit, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your vehicle registration certificate  is in your name. Or, if you are leasing or renting  a car, the contract is in your name.
  • You live in the Netherlands and are registered in the municipality where you wish to apply for the parking permit.
  • If you are not registered in the municipality where you wish to apply for a parking permit, you must prove that you live and work in that municipality.
  • Your vehicle must not exceed the emissions-based requirements.

You can apply for a maximum of 2 parking permits depending on your address.

The documents that you need will depend on your situation.

You own your car

If your car is registered in your name, you do not need to submit any additional documents. The municipality checks your address and the license plate during the application process.

Leased or rented cars

Is your name stated in the lease contract? If so, you must attach the lease contract or rental agreement.

If your name is not stated in the contract, you must attach the following to your application:

  • A copy of a payslip, no more than 2 months old. If you do not have a payslip yet, a  copy of your employment contract.
  • A statement from your employer. This states that you are the only employee who is allowed to drive the car. The statement must be no more than 1 month old.
  • The lease contract or rental agreement containing the name of your employer. The lease contract must be no more than 1 year old. An agreement must be no more than 1 month old.


You can apply for a parking permit online. To do so, log in with your DigiD.

You pay a fee for this service. For more information, visit our website: Parkeervergunning bewoner aanvragen.

It is not possible to obtain a parking permit for some areas. This may be the case, for example, in areas in which there is a (future) new construction project or which are being developed. In some cases, however, you can apply for an exemption for a certain zone.

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Last updated on 22 September 2022