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Municipality of Maastricht: applying for a parking permit

To apply for a parkeervergunning (parking permit), you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your vehicle's kentekenbewijs (registration certificate) is in your name. Or you are using a leased car.
  • You live in the Netherlands and are registered in the municipality where you want to apply for the parking permit.
  • Are you not registered in the municipality? Then you must prove that you live and work in that municipality.
  • Your vehicle must meet the milieueisen (environmental requirements).
  • You do not have private parking.

In Maastricht's Overig gebied parking zone, you can apply for a maximum of 2 parking permits per address. In the Binnenstad parking zone you can only apply for 1 parking permit per address.


Do you live in an area with paid parking? Then you can apply for a parking permit online through the E-loket (in Dutch) using your DigiD. The parking rates and conditions in Maastricht may vary by district or by zone.

By appointment

If you don't have a DigiD make an appointment at the GemeenteLoket (Municipal Service Desk). To do so dial +31 (0)43 350 4040.

There are 2 parking zones in Maastricht: Binnenstad (city centre) and Overig gebied (other areas).

2023 rates


  • Fees for handling the application: €21.00
    You pay these fees even if we reject your application.
  • Fees for a licence plate change without a DigiD €21.00
  • Parking tax €24.80 per month

Sector Overig gebied

  • Fees for handling the application: €21.00
    You pay these fees even if we reject your application.
  • Fees for a license plate change without DigiD €21.00
  • Parking tax €4.15 per month (for your 1st permit) and €6.23 per month (for a possible 2nd permit).

You pay for your parking permit in advance online. You can choose to pay per year or per quarter (3 months). Your permit is then valid immediately.

You cannot get a parking permit for some areas. For example with a (future) new construction project or area development. 

For more information, contact the municipality by email

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