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Municipality of Groningen: applying for a parking permit

This information has been published by: Municipality of Groningen

To apply for a parking permit, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The permit applies only to the neighborhood where you live.
  • The license plate of the car is in your name.
  • Downtown Diepenring: a maximum of 1 permit per address.
  • All other districts: a maximum of 1 permit per person. Here, however, multiple permits per address are possible. Each applicant must be registered at that address and have the license plate in their name.


You can apply for a parking permit online. To do so, log in with your DigiD. This is not possilble in English yet.

By appointment

Would you like to visit the municipality to apply for a parking permit? Make an appointment online (form is not available in English) or call 14050 (short number).

The cost of the parking permit depends on the place in the municipality for which you apply. Check the costs on the website of the municipality of Groningen.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Groningen

Last updated on 3 January 2024