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Applying for a parking permit

Do you live in an area where you have to pay to park your car or other vehicle? You can apply to the municipality for a residents’ parking permit (parkeervergunning voor bewoners). If you have a residents' parking permit, you do not have to pay for parking at the parking meter or via a parking app.

A parking permit is registered to a specified vehicle registration number. If you have more than 1 car or other vehicle, you must apply for a separate parking permit for each vehicle.

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Applying for a parking permit

You have to pay to park in certain areas of the municipality. If you live in such an area, you can apply for a parking permit at the municipality. A parking permit usually allows you to park your vehicle anywhere in the area. Residents and businesses of the regulated area are eligible for a permit, provided that the conditions set are met. You can apply directly via the e-desk.

Parking permit residents

Residents of the permit areas who own a car, or to whom a car has been made available for a longer period, are eligible for a parking permit. With this permit you can park in the indicated streets. A resident's permit is issued by registration number. The second resident's permit is only granted if sufficient parking space is available.

Parking permit companies

Companies located in the permit areas may be eligible for a parking permit. With this permit you can park in the designated zones. You can find this in the zone overview. An annual permit is issued by license plate number.

Monthly permit

There is an option for companies that perform incidental work for which parking is necessary to apply for a monthly permit. A monthly permit is issued on license plate number and does not apply to the low-traffic area (Binnenstad).

Day permit

Day permits are available at the city office. Both inside and outside the low-traffic area. There are also day tickets for companies in the permit holder area. However, it must be demonstrable that the car must be used. Think of a glazier for replacing a window. Or a sewer unclogging company.


The applicant must be registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) at the relevant address in the city centre. The vehicle for which the permit is requested must be registered at the address and name of the resident. We grant a maximum of two parking permits per household.


Companies can apply for a permit if you can demonstrate that the vehicle is immediately necessary for the work. You write a letter of motivation stating why a vehicle is needed. No permit is issued for loading and/or unloading and for commuter traffic.

You can apply for/change a permit at the e-loket. Or visit the city office. You don't have to make an appointment, but you can.

  • 1st resident's permit: € 54.05
  • 2nd resident's permit: € 76.40
  • monthly business permit (1 registration): € 38.40
  • monthly business permit (more registrations): € 71.05
  • annual business permit (more registrations): € 426.25

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