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Province of Noord-Brabant: applying for a noise permit for sports motorbikes

Do you want to organise an event involving racing motorcycles that produce a lot of noise? In that case, you must apply for an exemption. You can apply for an exemption from the provincial authorities.

The most important condition for an exemption is:

  • The event with noisy racing motorcycles is held on a circuit or a cross track with an environmental permit.

You need to contact the provincial authorities. They will tell you exactly how to apply for an exemption.

You can apply for an exemption for an event involving noisy racing motorcycles from the provincial authorities.

The provincial authorities will take a decision on your exemption application within 8 weeks. If the provincial authorities deem it necessary, they can extend this period by a maximum of 6 weeks.

Do you disagree with the granting or rejection of an exemption? You can object within 6 weeks of the decision of the provincial authorities. You do not agree with the outcome thereof? In that case, you can appeal through the courts. And appeal once more after that, if necessary.

All stakeholders may object within 6 weeks. You did not receive a response within the 6-week appeal period? In that case, the exemption is final.

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Last updated on 10 June 2024