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Applying for a new passport or renewing your old one in the Netherlands

Do you want to apply for a new passport or renew your old one? The application process depends on where you hold citizenship and where you live.

  • Do you hold Dutch citizenship? Then you can apply or renew at your municipality. 
  • Do you hold Dutch citizenship, but have no fixed place of residence? Then you can contact a Dutch border municipality to apply for a new passport or to renew your old one.
  • Do you not hold Dutch citizenship? Visit your own embassy or consulate for a passport. 
  • Do you live in the Netherlands on a valid residence permit? Are you unable to get a passport from your country of origin? Then you can apply for a vreemdelingenpaspoort (alien passport) at your municipality. 
  • Do you live in the Netherlands as an erkend vluchteling (recognised refugee)? Then you can apply for a vluchtelingenpaspoort (refugee passport) at your municipality.

Do you live outside the Netherlands? See how to apply for your Dutch passport from outside the Netherlands.

This is how it works for you

Your (future) place of residence falls under:

Here is some information from your municipality.

Applying for a new passport or renewing your old one

Do you have Dutch nationality? Then you can apply for a Dutch passport. From the age of 14, everyone in the Netherlands is obliged to provide identification. You use a passport to show who you are. A passport is also a travel document that allows you to travel to other countries.

If you request a travel document, it will take at least 7 working days until it can be collected. You can pick up a driving license after a maximum of 5 working days.

Passport validity
For persons up to 17 years, the passport is valid for 5 years
A passport for persons of 18 years and older is valid for 10 years.

From the age of 12, two fingerprints are taken when applying for a passport. Is this not possible due to a (temporary) medical disability? You may be eligible for a (temporary) passport without fingerprints.

Has your document been lost, stolen or do you suspect misuse?
You report the loss of your document in person at the town hall. You arrange this together with the application for your new document. It is not necessary to report to the police.

Have you lost your document abroad due to it being lost or stolen?
You always first file a tax return abroad.

You suspect misuse of your document?
You can report this to the Central Identity Fraud Hotline (link is external).

Additional travel conditions
For some countries you need a visa or the rule applies that a travel document must be valid for a few more months. Please inquire about these additional travel conditions with your travel agency, the embassy or consulate of the country of your destination.

emergency passport
Are you going on a trip abroad and do you not have a travel document? In very exceptional cases and under strict conditions, you can apply for an emergency passport. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee issues emergency passports. Look here(link is external) for more information.

What will change as a result of Brexit?
Read more about changes due to Brexit

You can apply for a Dutch passport in person at the town hall. For this you make an appointment, click here to make an appointment

You can collect your passport 7 working days after the application. You always do that yourself. Children must also be present when applying for and collecting the passport. When you provide your mobile phone number, you will receive a text message when your document has been received by us. Do you need your passport sooner? Then use the urgent procedure. You can also choose to have your passport delivered.

Have a passport delivered
You can have your passport delivered. This is also possible in the evenings and at the weekend. Delivery is possible throughout the Netherlands, except on the Wadden Islands. You make the choice for delivery when applying for the passport. You cannot change this choice later. Your passport will be ready after 7 working days. AMP Groep then delivers the document. For this you make an appointment with AMP yourself. The AMP Group specializes in secure delivery. You pay delivery costs.

Delivery exceptions
You cannot have delivery in case of an urgent request

You cannot have it delivered if your current passport contains a visa that you still want to use

You cannot come to the town hall to apply for your passport yourself?
We can come to your home if necessary for people with a medical, physical or mental disability. That costs nothing extra. Please contact our Customer Contact Center by telephone; 0492 469 700.

What you need
You need all the travel documents in your possession, even if they have expired
1 recent color passport photo, not older than 6 months at the time of application, that meets the passport photo requirements(link is external)
For children under the age of 18, permission is required from both parents or from the person who has custody of the child. This permission can be arranged via a statement of consent from parents or guardians with a copy of the proof of identity of the person who granted the permission. Click here to download the declaration of consent.

Passport up to 17 years € 57.00
Passport 18 years and older € 75.00
Urgent procedure € 51.00 + passport costs
Delivery costs per delivery/per address € 16.00

(rates 2022)

After around a week, you can collect your passport yourself from the municipality. This also applies to children up to the age of 18. When you apply, you will be provided with more information about how to collect your passport.

You have 3 months in which to collect your new passport.

Do you need your passport sooner than that?

  • If you need your passport quickly, you can make a spoedaanvraag (urgent request). If you apply for the passport before 14:00, you will be able to collect it the next working day. Allow for some delay if you no longer have your old passport.
  • If you need the passport today, contact the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Royal Netherlands Marechaussee) for an emergency passport.


  • An adult passport is valid for 10 years.
  • For children up to the age of 18, a passport is valid for 5 years.

Questions about this topic?

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