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Applying for a permit for an activity on a Natura 2000 site

Do you want to carry out activities in or close to a Natura 2000 site? For example, building a house or cutting down trees. Some activities are harmful to nature because they disturb the habitat of plants or animals. You must therefore apply for a permit from the province where you plan to carry out the activities.

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Requesting a permit for activities in a Natura 2000 area

In the Netherlands there are strict rules to protect nature. For example, killing protected animal species or picking protected plant species are prohibited by law. You are also not allowed to make excessive noise in a quiet nature reserve (areas marked as Stiltegebied). Sometimes an exception to the rules can be made, but a dispensation or a permit must be obtained to do so.

If you want to do something in or near a ‘Natura 2000’ nature reserve that will affect the quality of the protected area, you first need a permit from us.

If you plan to cut down a large number of trees in a wooded area, you must notify us of this in advance. We may impose a felling ban to prevent you from cutting down the trees.

You must apply for a permit if:

  • you wish to carry out a project or activities that could adversely affect a Natura 2000 site. For example, because of the expansion of your agricultural holding, leading to an increase in nitrogen deposition in the Natura 2000 site
  • it cannot be ruled out in advance that your activities might adversely affect the quality of natural habitats or cause the habitats to deteriorate
  • it cannot be ruled out in advance that your activities might have a disruptive effect on the plant and animal species for which the site has been designated
  • these activities are not exempted in a management plan or regulation as referred to in the Nature Conservation Act

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