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Province of Limburg: applying for an exemption relating to protected plants and animals

You may not simply kill, capture or intentionally disturb protected species. It is also forbidden to take eggs and to deliberately destroy or damage nests, roosting places and eggs. In addition, you may not pick protected plants. Is this necessary for public health, public safety or education, for example? You must then apply for an exemption.

To be eligible for an exemption, your application must meet the following conditions:

  • you cannot prevent effects by adopting a different solution or changing your activity;
  • the activity is taking place in the context of a statutory interest, for example public safety, public health or spatial development;
  • the activity poses no threat to the survival of the population.

You do not need an exemption if:

  • there is an exemption for protected species under Division 3.8 of the Omgevingsverordening Limburg (Limburg Provincial Environmental Act);
  • you adhere to a recognised code of conduct for nature protection;
  • you prevent negative effects on a protected species by taking sufficient and proven mitigating measures that do not infringe any prohibitions.

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You can submit an application to the province for prior permission for protected species via a separate exemption based on the Wet natuurbescherming (Nature Conservation Act).
If you do not apply for the exemption separately and you also need an all-in one permit for environmental or construction aspects, you can link the species section to that permit.
If you represent a company or government authority, you can use the secure Berichtenbox (message box) email system for companies to submit your application to the province digitally.

If you cannot submit the application digitally, you can post the application form and annexes to:

Provincie Limburg
Postbus 5700

Not applicable.

A species exemption for which you apply to the province is subject to a decision deadline of 13 weeks. This period can be extended once by 7 weeks.

Have you applied for an exemption? If you do not agree with our decision on your application, you can object to this. Do this within 6 weeks.

Contact the servicedesk of the Province of Limburg:
Telephone number +31 43 389 9999.

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