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Applying for an exemption relating to protected plants and animals

There are rules for the protection of animals and plants. Are you planning to carry out an activity that is harmful to protected plants or animals? For example, renovating a house where bats are present. Then you must request permission from the province. This is called an exemption.

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Protected animal and plant species

Killing or disturbing a protected animal is prohibited by law. It is also an offence to pick, cut or uproot protected plant species. In some cases you can get an exemption for this, which you can request from the provincial authorities.

You can only obtain an exemption under the following conditions:

There is no other suitable solution. It is in the interest of public health and safety.

  • It is in the interest of air traffic safety.
  • The aim is to prevent damage to crops, livestock, forests, commercial fisheries and waters.
  • The aim is to protect plant and animal species.
  • The aim is to promote research or education, or to restock or reintroduce plant and animal species.
  • In the case of certain birds: it is necessary to allow the capture, keeping and sensible use of these birds in small quantities in a selective and strictly controlled manner.
  • Your activities do not reduce the population of the plant or animal species.

An exemption for management and damage control may be granted by the province to a wildlife management unit on the basis of an approved wildlife management plan. There are some exceptions, which are set out in the wildlife management plan.

You apply for the exemption with the province.

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