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Applying for an exemption for activities in an area containing a source of drinking water

Areas containing sources of drinking water are protected. Do you want to carry out activities in such an area? This is only allowed if you have an exemption from the province. Or if you have submitted a notification in advance. For example, introducing substances into the soil that may contaminate the soil. Some activities are always prohibited. The province can provide you with more information.

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Carrying out activities in a drinking water supply area

For certain activities or events involving the soil you will need to notify the provincial authorities. Specifically:

  • If you have damaged the ground or contaminated soil or have seen that this has been done by another party, please report that to us.
  • If you have polluted sediment on the water bed or have seen that this has been done by another party, please report that to the authority responsible for that body of water (either Rijkswaterstaat, the water board or the provincial authorities).
  • If you are planning to clean up contaminated soil or sediment (‘soil remediation’), you must always notify us that you will be carrying out these activities Once the remediation activities are complete you must write up an evaluation report and, if necessary, submit a follow-up plan as well.
  • You can authorise a company to make a notification or request permission to carry out soil remediation on your behalf. We can provide you with the authorisation form on request.

If you plan to carry out activities in an area close to a source of drinking water, it’s important to note that certain activities are not permitted in a groundwater extraction area (an area from which a water supply company extracts groundwater for drinking) or groundwater protection area (an area immediately surrounding the groundwater extraction area). You can request a dispensation for your activities or notify us in advance. The provincial authorities determine whether you need to request a dispensation or whether a notification will suffice.

The province assesses each exemption application separately. Rules may be laid down to protect the area from contamination.

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