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Applying for an exemption for activities in an area containing a source of drinking water

Areas containing sources of drinking water are protected. Do you want to carry out activities in such an area? This is only allowed if you have an exemption from the province. Or if you have submitted a notification in advance. For example, introducing substances into the soil that may contaminate the soil. Some activities are always prohibited. The province can provide you with more information.

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Carrying out activities in a drinking water supply area

A water catchment area is an area from which a water company abstracts groundwater for drinking water. The groundwater protection areas are the areas directly around the water catchment areas. You can recognise these areas by the blue signs along the road with ‘waterwingebied’ (water catchment area) or ‘grondwaterbeschermingsgebied’ (groundwater protection area) on them. These areas need to be kept clean to protect our drinking water. Therefore, rules apply to activities in water catchment areas and groundwater protection areas. Some activities in water catchment and groundwater protection areas are prohibited. These include:

  • introducing substances into the soil that could contaminate the soil
  • building installations that could contaminate the soil
  • installing underground geothermal energy systems.

You can apply for an exemption or submit a notification in advance. The province can decide whether just a notification is sufficient or whether you need to apply for an exemption. Some activities are subject to an absolute ban. The exemption sets out the rules you have to comply with. You are not allowed to carry out activities without an exemption or notification.

You submit the notification or request an exemption for carrying out activities within a water catchment or groundwater catchment area with the province.

The province assesses each exemption application separately. Rules may be laid down to protect the area from contamination.

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Last updated on 3 January 2024