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Province of Utrecht: applying for an environmental permit for an entrance and exit driveway to a provincial road

Do you want to construct or modify an exit on a provincial road? In that case, you need an environmental permit from the provincial authorities.

The conditions include:

  • Your plot does not yet benefit from a safe entrance.
  • You are unable to construct an entrance from your plot to a road managed by the municipality or water board.
  • Your planned entrance does not link up with a road characterised by a lot of traffic and a high speed limit.
  • Your planned entrance is not too close to a bend or intersection.

Your planned entrance does not cause unsafe traffic situations.

This is how you apply for a permit:

  • Go to the online Omgevingsloket (in Dutch). This is the service counter for environmental and planning permits.
  • Do the permit check.
  • You will be told whether you need to apply for a permit. You can do this right away.
  • Log in:
    • for yourself: with DigiD

    • on behalf of a company: eHekenning

You apply for an environmental permit for the construction of an entrance from the provincial authorities via online Omgevingsloket (in Dutch).

The provincial authorities will make a decision on your permit application within 8 weeks. If the provincial authorities deem it necessary, they can extend this period by a maximum of 6 weeks.

Do you disagree with the granting or rejection of a permit? You can object within 6 weeks of the decision of the provincial authorities. You do not agree with the outcome thereof? In that case, you can appeal through the courts. And appeal once more after that, if necessary.

You did not receive a response within the 6-week appeal period? In that case, the permit is final.

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